Friday, February 26, 2010

A week of fun Part 2

Then on Saturday (Kellan’s actual birthday) we went bowling. Nana requested 5 pin so we thought she was going to whip us all but in the end I think she had the worst score – even Joe, who had never bowled 5 pin before, beat her. It was pretty fun and Kell’s big little feet looked so cute in his size 10 bowling shoes! The man at the counter was pretty sure they would be too big since Kellan didn’t look very big. I explained to him that Kell has humongous feet!

After bowling we went out and did some running around while Scott and Kellan stayed home and played Kellan’s new Wii game. Everyone came back to our house around 6 and we had hamburgers and hot dogs and salads and chips for dinner and then we sang Happy Birthday and had some John Deere birthday cake. Thank you Uncle Joe for doing such a great job on the cake! And thank you to Auntie Holly for finding all the awesome John Deere table decorations!

You can see where Kellan took a bite out of the cake, well icing really.

It was a really sad day for Kellan on Tuesday when he realized that everyone had gone home and it was only him and I at home.

A week of fun Part 1

It's so hard for me to believe that Kellan turned 3! Some days it seems like just yesterday he was born. He's grown so much from his 5 lb 10 oz, 18 1/2 inch birth measurements! I was at the produce store with Holly and picked up a Honeydew and said "K's head was about this size when he was born." Holly picked up a Watermelon and said, "Yeah but it's this size now."

We had pretty much a full week of fun the week before his birthday. The weekend before his birthday we spent in Grande Prairie (well, Woking really but since probably very few people actually know where that is let's just say GP, ok?) hanging out with Auntie Holly & Uncle Ryan. I think the highlight of Kellan's weekend was going on the quad/trailer with Uncle Ryan. He was so anxious to go outside –

He keeps asking if we can take the trailer shopping. I wish

We got to spend some time with Dean & Danielle’s and Dale & Sarah’s family on Sunday after church. Kell had so much fun hanging out with his cousins! At least I think he did, he spent most of the time downstairs with them and I didn’t hear any screaming.

Auntie Holly came back to Edmonton with us and Nana and Poppa came up to Edmonton so we spent the week with them and then Ada, Joe and Ryan came down on Friday. On Thursday we had a playdate at the Mill Woods Rec Centre for Kell’s kiddy party. Here’s some pics of that.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Deep Freeze Festival

LAst Saturday Scott, Kellan, our friends the Maynes' and I went to the Deep Freeze Festival at our local community hall. It was great weather and there was lots of fun stuff to do. They had 2 Indian teepees set up with fires inside and drummers. The teepee we went into had a lady drummer and she sang us some songs and let us play some instruments, a drum and a couple of homemade rattles. There was a warming station with some delicious hot chocolate, a horse & wagon ride, curling, an ice rink, a luge for the kids to go down and also a craft tent. While Scott and I were helping Kellan skate a photographer from the journal took our picture. Here's a link I believe we're the last photo. Kellan loved skating, actually I think he more enjoyed having Scott and I pull him around but hey he had fun!