Saturday, November 22, 2008


Since I was tagged by Catherine and also because I'm a loser baby and don't have anything more exciting to do or report on here. . .here we go again! time to learn a little more about me ... and you! please feel free to play along and let me know if you do.

1. 8 tv shows i watch:
Cold Case
law & order
law & order: svu
say yes to the dress
Jon and Kate plus 8
what not to wear

2. 8 favourite restaurants: (listed in no particular order)
the keg

3. 8 things that happened yesterday: (yesterday being november 21st)
slept in!!
watched tv
walked Sasha(if I did it twice does it count as 2 items?)
started reading Edgar Sawtelle
talked on the phone with my mommy
talked on the phone with Jen
went to the consignment store
went to Wal-mart

4. 8 things i’m looking forward to:
a clean house (pretty sure it will never happen!)
a snow storm (call me crazy but I love to sit inside and watch the snow fall)
a bath
reading Edgar Sawtelle
being happy
going back to school
Kellan talking (pretty sure I'll regret ever saying this)

5. 8 things on my wish list:
more energy/to be less tired
all the books by all the authors I love
the time to read all the books by all the authors I love
go back to school
a maid!
remote car starter

6. 8 things i love:
listening to Kellan laugh
bath & body works hand soap and lotion and lip stuff
my dog
my bed
my pillow
being in water
peppermint ice cream

7. 8 things i can’t stand:
bad drivers (even though I occasionally am one)
children screaming/crying (although since I've had a child I've become alot more tolerant of this)
smoking, especially in front of children
dishwater left in the sink
hair in my face
taking out the garbage
mean people
feeling dispensable

8. 8 people i am tagging:
Ericka M.
Erika I.

Yep it's official I'm a loser. I can't even think of 8 people to tag. Also having a hard time thinking of things I'm looking forward to and my wish list. I want to put Christmas and my Birthday that I'm looking forward to but history has shown that getting excited about them just provides me with disappointment.