Thursday, March 5, 2009

Five Questions

A fellow blogger and former room mate offered to interview people who read her blog - 5 questions just for me! Here they are with my answers. I am also offering the same to anyone who asks for them in the comments and/or sends me an email. And, as promised - I will play nice ... Nothing too personal!

1. Tell us about your siblings ...
Ada is 18 mos younger than me. She is married to Joe and lives in Grande Prairie, Alberta. She loves to read and is very much a homebody. Ada is lots of fun to hang out with and is one of my best friends.

Spencer is 4.5 years younger than me. He is married to Kelsey (nee Leavitt) and has two daughters, Ella approx 4 weeks and Sophie, 2 years. Don’t know much about Spencer anymore. He works for an alarm company and currently lives in Lethbridge but moves around a lot.

Holly is 6 years younger than me. She is married to Ryan Layton and lives in Woking, AB which is about 30 min north of Grande Prairie, AB. Holly and Ryan have a cocker spaniel, Koona who is a princess! One of Holly’s nicknames is Holly Homemaker because she can cook really well and her house is usually clean. Holly and I always have a blast hanging out and going on road trips to Cardston. She is also one of my best friends!

2. What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?
I know this might sound super lame but I am really proud of myself for surviving pregnancy. I didn’t have an especially hard pregnancy but it was scary not having any control over what was going on inside of me. Included with the surviving pregnancy would be giving birth without drugs. I wanted drugs but I was too far along in the process when I got to the hospital.

3. What personal (not physical) quality that you possess is your favourite?
This is a hard one. The only one that comes to mind is that I’m stubborn but that’s usually not a good quality. Okay I came back to this one. . . My personal quality that is my favorite is I like to laugh.

4. How is your life different today from what you thought it would be when you were 18?
It might be shorter to write how my life is the same – pretty much nothing is the same as I thought it would be except I am married. I thought I would get married young and proceed to re-populate the earth and live happily ever after. That makes it sound like I’m not happy, some days I’m not but for the most part I’m satisfied.

5. You are free from all obligations for one week - what do you do with it?
I would be a total bum! I would sleep in, read, have a nap, maybe watch tv, do some baking, read some more and nap some more. I might shower or I might just stay in my pjs all week. Heck I might shower and then just put clean pj’s on!