Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun in Southern Alberta

Lots of fun stories to share this post. Had the opportunity to go down to Cardston and Grandpa sit while my parents went on a week long Alaskan cruise. My two sisters (Holly & Ada) and Holly’s dog Koona joined Kellan, Scott, Sasha and I. I think a fun time was had by all – even Grandpa!

Kellan loved to crawl up on Grandpa’s lap whenever he was sitting at the table and the two would tap their fingers on the top of the table. Also Kellan loved to steal Grandpa’s walker and go for a run with it and ram into things. Thank goodness he didn’t break anything!

We went into Lethbridge and had a fun picnic with some of our friends who live down in the area. It was perfect weather but there were way too many bees! I think they enjoyed our lunch more than we did!

I think the most fun for Holly, Ada and myself was going down to Great Falls, Montana which is about three hours south of Cardston. I was so excited – I kept shaking Holly to make sure she didn’t fall asleep on the way down, would’ve shaken Ada but she was driving. We got some awesome deals and had fun shopping together, by the time we left Great Falls all of us had sore feet. We did get a little freaked out when a man in the restaurant we were having lunch in came up and asked how we were enjoying shopping and then commented on how he had just been up in Lethbridge a couple weeks back. It took us about 10 minutes to figure out how he knew we were from Canada – Holly was wearing a Lethbridge Community College t-shirt. Ada and Holly and bought some Aleve which isn’t available up here and at the border they had to “surrender” it because the reason it isn’t available is because it’s a controlled substance! Whoops!

Another fun thing we did was Holly and Ada and I went into Lethbridge and Holly and I got our hair done by Lisa Sherlock (Holly’s sister-in-law). I love my new hair and it was great fun to just hang out with the girls and not have to worry about Kellan!

Mom and Dad came home late Wednesday night and we were lucky enough to spend the day as a family on Thursday and then have a family breakfast before Holly and Ada left on Friday. It was too bad that we couldn’t spend more time together with Mom and Dad but hopefully we’ll get the chance soon!